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"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time." 1 Peter 5:6 (NIV)

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"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time." 1 Peter 5:6 (NIV)

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Kids, Race and Unity

Nickelodeon had an excellent discussion and broadcast on how to speak with your children on Racism, Unity and Protest. Both LK and I watched this broadcast together and there will be a Blog up about our conversation. GREAT JOB NICKELODEON!!

LK's Thoughts

July 15, 2020

Hey Sa'Weet-Tartz ™! Welcome back to LK's Lollipop Korner ™! LK and I watched this program together and then had a conversation about it and we wanted to share that with you. It is pretty interesting what she pointed out to me! LET'S CHECK IT OUT!

Meringue Love: Hi my Baby… How are you doing today?

LK: I am your Baby!

Meringue Love: YES YOU ARE! So tell me LK, how did you like the show we just watched on Nickelodeon?

LK: I like her, she is so pretty!

Meringue Love: Yes, Ms. Alicia is very pretty! And did you see Ms. Tab and Choyce on there as well? What do you think about that?

LK: Yea, I did see Misses Tab and her family. I love them too and Simone. I can do gymnastics.

Meringue Love: That’s right Baby, it was Ms. Tab’s whole family, her husband Mr. Chance and her son Quest and her daughter Choyce! And Simone Biles the gymnast…YES you like her! Very Good! (In my Tabitha Brown voice)

LK: Umm Hmmmm!

Meringue Love: So, tell me what you thought about all of the kids that were on the show and what they were doing? Do you know what they were doing?

LK: Yea, they were on the TV and some of them were yelling. I want to be on the TV too!

Meringue Love: Yes, they were on TV and some of them were yelling but it all was for a good reason. So, one day you can be on TV if that is what you want to do... but today, let’s just pretend you are on TV and I am going to interview you and ask you questions like Ms. Alicia was asking the kids. Okay?

LK: Yes, Mommy that is okay!

Meringue Love: So tell me what you noticed about some of the boys and girls on the TV. Do any of them look like you?

LK: Yes, some of the kids are girls like me and some are brown girls like me and I am a beautiful brown girl.

Meringue Love: That is right Baby! You are a beautiful brown girl! What else did you notice?

LK: That they did the Tik Tok Savage Dance… Like me!

Meringue Love: LOL… Yes they did! You said they were yelling, do you know why they were yelling?

LK: Yea… Because they were mad!

Meringue Love: Yes they were upset about people being treated different because of their skin color. Do you remember I told you that some people may treat you mean or different because your skin is brown?

LK: Yes, but you won’t let nobody talk to your baby like that?

Meringue Love: That’s right Baby! But you also have to learn to speak up for yourself and others that people are being mean to because of their skin color. That’s what these children on TV were doing. And you have to do it without being mean back to them.

LK: Yes because that’s not nice. And I won’t be mean.

Meringue Love: That’s very good Baby!

LK: Mommy are we done yet?

Meringue Love: Yes Baby… We are done! Thank you for letting me interview you!

LK: You’re welcome!

*Our conversation went on longer than this… but LK kept losing focus and was done with this conversation way before I was. LOL I would encourage you to watch this video with your little Sa’Weet-Tartz ™ and then get their feedback on it. Their responses WILL AMAZE YOU... AND, YOU WILL LEARN A THING OR TWO... I PROMISE YOU!!!

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Children Get Stressed Too!

June 19, 2020

Hey Sa’Weet-Tartz™! First and foremost, let us welcome you to LK’s Lollipop Korner™! LK and I are beyond excited to have you here with us! With everything that has been going on in the world from the COVID-19 Pandemic…. to the killings…. to the protesting and rioting; we just wanted to check in on you all and see how we are processing and dealing with everything? To be more direct, I am really concerned with, how the children are doing? If they are anything like my little LK, they’re STRESSED! You’re probably wondering how I know that to be true, well LK started behaving differently and interacting with me differently. I wasn't sure what the problem was, so I addressed my concerns with LK’s pediatrician at her Pre-School Check-Up. In return, she educated me on what was going on with my child. The pediatrician also provided me with some techniques to help both myself and LK deal with the stress that LK was feeling, and I would like to share this information with you. So, LET’S DO IT!

Signs That Your Child Is Stressed!

• Young children can become very clingy, agitated and in LK’s case, withdrawing and non-engaging. (which is the complete opposite from LK’s normal behavior)

• Teens, can become very angry and rebellious. (LK’s big brother displayed these signs)

• Both age ranges can experience nightmares which can interrupt their sleep patterns. (LK would become very anxious and afraid when it was time to go to sleep)

How to Help Your Child Cope with Stress!

• Listen to their concerns and provide them with extra love/attention. (With this you are developing a safe place for them to talk to you)

• Set aside some one on one time with each child to ask them questions, as well as answer questions about what they are stressed about. (By doing so you validate their concerns and help them overcome any fears they may have)

• Ask them specific questions about what they know about COVID-19, all of the killings, cops, racism, and the protesting. (This allows you the opportunity to educate them and provide them with honest answers)

• If you cannot answer their questions, work together to find the answers or call your child’s Pediatrician. (This teaches your child to ask for help)

• Reassure you child of all that is being done to address and eliminate/minimize the Coronavirus, Police Killings, Racism and the protest in the world. Then discuss with them what they can do personally to be a part of the solutions to these problems. (This empowers them)

• Make sure that your child is spending time outdoors, being active, and limiting their time watching the news. (Too much of the News will stress anyone out)

I hope these techniques help both you and your little Sa’Weet-Tartz™… they certainly helped myself and LK!


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